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Winter in Kyushu

Visiting a hot spring (onsen) has a particular meaning for Japanese people.
Kyushu is rich in nature’s blessings,
and we can relax at many famous hot springs there.
Soak in comfortable hot water while surrounded by beautiful woodland scenery.
Winter in Kyushu, a journey to heal the body and the soul.

Map of Japan

Featured hot springs

Beppu Onsen

Beppu Onsen


One of the world's leading hot spring resorts

Beppu is a city with an extraordinary number of unique hot springs. The area known as Eight Hot Springs, or ‘Beppu Hatto’, features amazing waters, scenery and wonderful experiences for all. ...

Kurokawa Onsen

Kurokawa Onsen


A famous hot spring town featuring the historical flavor of an old countryside town

Kurokawa Onsen is one of the most attractive hot spring resorts in Japan. It features the unique architectural attraction of 30 original inns surrounded by...

Yufuin Onsen

Yufuin Onsen


A healing journey in a relaxed countryside town

Situated at the base of Mt. Yufu, Yufuin city features a beautiful old town, and, along with Beppu, is famous for its amazing hot springs. Discover numerous hot springs…

Ibusuki Onsen

Ibusuki Onsen


A rarity in the world. Detox in the hot spring!

Ibusuki Hot Spring is a popular hot spring resort by the sea. Among the many attractions, one of the most popular is the natural sand steam bath. Experience the pleasure of being buried in warm sand that is actually heated by hot springs. ...

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Winter events
Let’s enjoy Japanese culture with the winter events in Kyushu

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