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Summer in Kyushu

There are many spectacular sights to discover in Kyushu,
one of the main islands in
southwestern Japan.
Encounter mysterious giant trees in the forests,
dive in crystal clear seas with stunning coral reefs.
Summer in Kyushu,
where unspoiled nature awaits.

Map of Japan

Recommended scenic spots

Yaku-shima island

Yaku-shima island


Enjoy the extraordinary, unspoiled nature of this UNESCO World Heritage island

Explore mysterious forests filled with ancient cedar trees and rare plants, gentle rivers, an extraordinary waterfall - all surrounded by emerald green ocean. …

Ishigaki-jima island

Ishigaki-jima island


Meet a manta-divers’ paradise

Located 400 km south of the main island of Okinawa in the midst of pristine seas, Ishigaki-jima offers unmatched seascapes, amazing ocean adventures, as well as the renowned scenic spot Kabira Bay. …

Yamaga Lantern Festival

Yamaga Lantern Festival


Women in yukata dance gracefully

The enchanting summer dance by women wearing yukata (light-weight summer kimono) is held every August in Yamaga city, Kumamoto prefecture. …

Night view of Nagasaki city

Night view of
Nagasaki city


Romantic night panorama of Nagasaki Harbor

The night view of Nagasaki Harbor is spellbinding. Contemplate the lights from the top of Mt. Inasa - one of Japan’s finest night views, …

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Let's take a tourist train
If you want to enjoy scenic Kyushu, sightseeing trains are recommended.

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