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Applicable Routes

All routes, on flights designated by Solaseed Air.

Eligible Customers

Customers 3 years of age or older.

Reservations for applicable flights (designated on the Solaseed Air homepage at around 10:30 seven days before departure) must be made online, and payment must be completed online (with a credit card), at a convenience store or at a Pay-easy ATM between 10:00 six days before departure and the day before departure.

Reservation Period

Between 1 and 6 days before departure.

Applicable flights and fares are announced at around 10:30 seven days before departure.

Reservation Changes

Not permitted.

* Passenger name changes cannot be made after reservation.

Seating Restrictions

Yes (Certain flights may not have any seats that are eligible for this fare.)

Payment Methods

After making the reservation online, either complete payment online (with a credit card), at a convenience store or at a Pay-easy ATM.

Purchase Deadline

Within 4 days of (and including) the reservation date.

If the reservation was made between 1-4 days before the departure date, purchasing procedures must be completed no later than the day before departure.


Only valid for the reserved flight.

Refund Period After a ticket has been purchased, a refund is possible until 30 days after the scheduled departure date of the reserved flight.
Refund Handling Fee

JPY 440 per ticket (1 sector)

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee equivalent to 75% of the fare price will apply regardless of the cancellation date.

[Per ticket (1 sector)]


  • Cancellations after purchase will incur refund handling and cancellation fees.
  • The fare that is valid on the day of purchase will apply.
  • The ticket can only be used by the person that is named on the ticket. Even if ownership of a ticket is transferred (sold via online auction, etc.), persons who are not named on the ticket cannot use it.
  • We will collect a Passenger Facility Charges on behalf of the airport facility company if your flight departs from or arrives at an airport subject to this policy. See details here

* All times on this website are indicated in Japan Standard Time.

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