For peace of mind fly Solaseed Air.

For peace of mind fly Solaseed Air.
Special Measures by Solaseed Air to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Introduction of a reception management app that solves the problem of dissatisfaction with waiting times

Social distancing can be maintained by issuing numbered tickets so that customers don't have to wait in line at the check-in service counter.
This also allows customers to know how long their waiting time will be, which not only improves time value for customers but also reduces the stress of waiting in line.

*Solaseed Air was the first in the airline industry to introduce this measure on Friday, July 31, 2020.

Air circulation in the aircraft cabin

1. Clean air and proper ventilation
Large quantities of fresh atmospheric air are taken in to replace all the air inside the aircraft every approximately three minutes.

2. Installation of high-performance filters in all aircraft
Air inside the aircraft is filtered by high-performance air filters* and then supplied to the passenger cabin. These are the same filters used for the air conditioning equipment in hospital operating rooms.

3. The air constantly flows from the ceiling to the floor without stagnating.
Air is constantly supplied from the ceiling and flows down from the top of the walls on either side toward the floor so that it does not stagnate in the cabin or other specific locations.

*High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters: Filters that can remove at least 99.97% of particles 0.3 μm in size from the air.

The ventilation system described above operates not only while the aircraft is flying but also while it is on the ground (during boarding and disembarking) so that the aircraft is constantly being ventilated with clean air. Additionally, by having everyone wear masks in the passenger cabin and by avoiding close contact during boarding and disembarking, we are minimizing our passengers' risk of infection and providing a safe and secure environment inside the aircraft.

Sanitization of the aircraft cabin

In order for our passengers to have peace of mind when flying with us, we periodically use alcohol to sanitize areas that come into contact with passengers' hands, including trays, armrests, and lavatory door latches.

Claiming Checked Baggage

Baggage on the baggage carousel is spaced evenly apart (at least one meter) to ensure that passengers can safely retrieve their checked baggage during the baggage claim procedure.

*This new service offered by Solaseed Air at the baggage claim area in Haneda Airport Terminal 2.

Masks and gloves worn by cabin attendants

Cabin attendants wear masks in order to put passengers at ease during the flight.
Some in-flight services, such as beverages and in-flight shopping, have also been suspended.

Masks and face shields worn by ground crew

Ground crew wear masks and, as necessary, face shields in order to put passengers at ease while they use our services.
We have also installed plastic curtains at our airport counters.

Rules for Passengers When Boarding

Please wear a mask.

You must wear a mask at the airport and inside the aircraft in order to help other passengers feel at ease.
Please take your temperature before boarding. Please refrain from boarding if you have a fever of 37.5° or higher, or if you have a cough or other symptoms of illness.

*Passengers who would have difficulty wearing a mask, such as infants and people with health-related issues, are exempt.

Please follow coughing etiquette.
Please cooperate with measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as maintaining your distance from others and refraining from talking in a loud voice.

Rules for at the airport

While you are at the airport, be sure to wear a mask, follow the instructions of all personnel, and maintain your distance from other passengers.
During boarding procedures, please use the self service check-in machine and self service baggage drop machine.
Passengers who wish to change seats in order to maintain their distance from other passengers can change seats using a self service check-in machine.
In order to prevent the spread of disease inside the aircraft, please note that cabin attendant assistance is minimized, and please cooperate by checking in your baggage instead of bringing it into the aircraft as carry-on baggage to avoid congestion in the aircraft aisles.

Sanitizer has been made available at the airport counter, security check area, boarding gates, and other locations. Please use it as appropriate.

In order to ensure social distancing between passengers, ground crew members at the boarding gate will provide instructions for preventing crowding and close contact.

"Baggage storage bags" are provided at boarding gates to help passengers securely keep their baggage stowed at their feet aboard the aircraft.
These bags are convenient for gathering multiple souvenirs and other items together and stowing them at your feet (underneath the seat in front of you).
In order to avoid contact with other passengers as a result of taking out and putting back carry-on luggage inside the aircraft, please cooperate by checking in your baggage in advance.

*These bags are available at Gates 51 and 54 in Haneda Airport Terminal 2 starting Monday, June 22.

Rules for in the aircraft

  • ・Be sure to wear a mask.
  • ・Please maintain a proper distance from the passengers in front of you while boarding and getting off the aircraft.
  • ・Cabin attendants will take infection prevention measures into consideration while they help you to stow your baggage.
  • ・Please inform a cabin attendant if you wish to change seats in order to maintain your distance from other people or if you wish to use disinfecting wipes.
  • ・When using the lavatory on board the aircraft, please close the toilet lid before flushing.
  • ・Please inform a cabin attendant if you feel unwell.
Message from the Scheduled Airlines Association of Japan

Aircraft are a safe and secure mode of transportation, and aircraft cabins are always kept hygienic and clean.
We ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID-19 so that passengers may feel at ease when flying.

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