Reservations / Purchases

e-Ticket Service


Pay by choosing the most convenient purchasing method if you have made your reservation through the Reservation and Information Center or online.
This convenient service requires only the boarding procedure at the airport on the day of your flight.

If you complete payment online or at a convenience store, all that's left is to go to the airport!
You don't need to bother bringing an airplane ticket, and there are no annoying procedures. Please try our convenient e-Ticket service.

1. Select your preferred payment methodPCConvenience storeATM
2. All that's left is to check in at the airport!

Payment Methods

Payment by Credit Card
Payment with your credit card can be made through the Solaseed Air website and the Reservation and Information Center.
  • * Security code authentication is required.
  • * Credit cards might not be accepted in some instances.
  • * Please ask at the airline counter to have a receipt issued.
Convenience Store / ATM Payment
You can pay for airplane tickets at multimedia terminals and Pay-easy compatible ATMs installed at convenience stores.
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