Reservations / Purchases

Convenience Store Payment Rules (7-Eleven)

This service can be used up to the payment deadline (or the day before the boarding date if the payment deadline is the boarding date).

Changes to your reservation cannot be made through the website after the convenience store payment service has been selected.

Several days may be required for our company to confirm settlement after you have paid.

If the payment process fails for any reason or you wish to change the payment method, please contact the Solaseed Air Reservation and Information Center.

If you are unable to receive your confirmation number due to computer issues or you forget your confirmation number, then you must bring official identification that can prove your identity (e.g. your driver's license, passport, health insurance card, or juminhyo [certified copy of your resident register] issued within the past six months) on the departure date.

You must not enter false information. If you do provide false information, we may cancel your reservation without notice, and we may demand compensation for any damages incurred.

The online procedure for convenience store payment uses SSL encryption technology to ensure the maximum possible safety.

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