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SKiP Service

SKiP lets you go straight to the airplane!

SKiP Service is a service that allows customers who have completed their reservation, purchase, and seat selection to advance directly to security without undergoing the boarding procedure at the airport. Find out what the procedure is for SKiP Service, from your reservation up to boarding.

* SKiP Service is a registered trademark of ANA.

If you are using an iPhone 7/7 Plus or Apple Watch Series 2 on which Apple Pay has been set up and registered, the screen that shows the 2D barcode that is used at airport security and at the boarding gate might not display the barcode correctly, depending on your iOS settings.
Customers who use a compatible smartphone model should use the iPhone app Wallet (Passbook) or the customer copy of their e-Ticket with the 2D barcode printed out.

SKiP Service Process

Step 1: Arrival at the Airport
Step 2: Going through security
* You should go through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

Scan the 2D barcode to receive your security certificate.

* Please keep your security certificate somewhere safe until you reach your destination.
Customers with luggage they wish to stow should bring it directly to the luggage counter.
Step 3: Boarding
You should go through the boarding gate at least 10 minutes prior to departure.

When you go through the turnstile, scan the 2D barcode that you used at security to receive your boarding pass.

How to use Haneda Airport's Self-service Baggage Drop Machine
Before going to the airport

If you intend to use SKiP Service, you must reserve and purchase your ticket and select your seat in advance.

After reserving and purchasing your ticket and making a seat selection, check if you are able to use SKiP Service from the reservation detail confirmation screen on our website. If the SKiP logo is displayed beside the seat number, that means you can use SKiP Service.

Customer who has completed his/her ...
  • reservation,
  • purchase,
  • seat selection
Reservation detail confirmation screen
PC screen
Smartphone screen

2D Barcodes

  • 2D barcodes can be obtained through the Solaseed Air website (PC and smartphone versions) and through our Email Notification Service. * Excludes instances in which SKiP Service is unavailable.
  • Each individual customer should have their own 2D barcode as required according to the reservation and purchase method.
  • Website (PC or smartphone)
  • Reservation and Information Center
  • Convenience Store
  • Email Notification Service
e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt printed from the website
2D barcode obtained using a smartphone
2D barcode obtained using the Email Notification Service
  • Travel agency
  • Airport
e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt
* If you pay at a convenience store and the 2D barcode is printed on your transaction statement / receipt, you can use that one.


  • * If you do not go through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes in advance, you might not be able to board even if the reservation is complete.
  • * If you do not arrive at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes in advance, you might not be able to board even if the reservation is complete.
  • * At security, your carry-on luggage will be checked and your body may be searched. Please provide your full cooperation.
  • * In the case of Solaseed Air, the 2D barcode is all you need to go through. This service does not use IC cards or the IC functionality of smartphones.
  • * The information (boarding date, flight number, and seat number) printed on the boarding pass (the pink receipt) issued at the boarding gate will be needed to register your miles afterward for the Solaseed Smile Club.

Making Connections with SKiP Service

If a travel itinerary with connections is covered by the same reservation, you can use SKiP Service to board up to three flights. Scan your e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt with your reservation information up to your final destination or the 2D barcode you downloaded with the SKiP terminal at the security checkpoint in order to board.
However, SKiP Service cannot be used in the following cases, and you will have to carry out the procedure at an automatic check-in machine or at the airport counter.

  • The customer's itinerary includes reservations for four or more flight routes.
  • The customer's itinerary includes separate reservations for connecting flights. (SKiP Service is available on a per-route basis.)
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