Warning:Purchasing airplane tickets on ticket comparison websites and at travel agencies

Thank you very much for always using Solaseed Air. The following incidents have been known to occur when purchasing Solaseed Air tickets through ticket comparison websites and travel agencies.


• Tickets with inapplicable fares (Senior Discounts, discounts for non-Japanese nationals, etc.) have been provided.


• Customers who request a change or cancellation from that website (or travel agency) have been charged fees that differ from Solaseed Air's rules or have not received refunds.


Customers who have discovered that they purchased inapplicable fares are required to purchase a new fare that is available for purchase at the time of their request. Since travel agencies sell tickets through those kinds of websites independently, Solaseed Air is unable to accept requests for refunds and other changes. Any changes or refunds for airplane tickets purchased through a travel agency should be made by the travel agency where the ticket was purchased.


Please be careful when you purchase airplane tickets.

We ask that you use the Solaseed Air website when you purchase airplane tickets.


Please refer to the JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents) website for cautions and warnings regarding transactions with overseas travel agencies.

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