Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

Boeing 737-800

The most noticeable feature of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft is winglets attached to the main wings.
They help enhance fuel efficiency to enable more environmentally friendly flight operations.
The aircraft are also equipped with the Boeing Sky Interior to offer a higher level of comfort, and we look forward to serving you on board.
Note: Specifications may vary depending on the aircraft.

Cabin Interior (Boeing 737-800)

Seat Pitch

Solaseed Air offers good space between seats and ample legroom so that you can enjoy a comfortable flight. There are also seats with more legroom near the emergency exits.
You can use your seat table comfortably even when the seat in front of you is reclined.

Boeing Sky Interior

Whether the aircraft is in the air or on the ground, LEDs light up the cabin with soothing hues of white, blue, and orange.
Efforts have been made to minimize noise in order to provide a comfortable cabin environment.
Note: 176-seat aircraft do not have Sky Interior.

Larger Storage Compartments

Our aircraft cabins feature larger overhead storage compartments. They can accommodate large carry-on baggage items, and their gentle curves contribute to the stylish cabin interior.
Mirrors inside the compartments help ensure that no items are left behind.

Control Panels

This panel features cabin attendant call buttons and buttons to control the LED reading lights. The large buttons are designed for easy operation and are also clearly identified.
Simply rotate the nozzles of the climate control system to adjust the air flow.

Note: Specifications may vary depending on the aircraft.

Seat Map

Note: 176-seat aircraft do not have Sky Interior.


  • The aircraft type is subject to change without notice.
    Seat selections may be subject to change without notice due to aircraft type changes. Thank you very much for your understanding.
  • There is no under-seat storage for passengers in the first row.
  • Passengers who are seated in the emergency exit rows may be asked to assist in emergency situations. Passengers who are seated in the first row and in the emergency exit rows cannot stow their carry-on baggage near their feet. Please use the overhead stowage compartments.
  • Lavatories are equipped with changing tables.
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