Autumn in Kyushu

Autumn in Japan is a beautiful season full of amazing colors.
Kyushu, the southwest island of Japan features
some of the most spectacular autumn scenery with vast mountains
and valleys that sparkle vividly with carpets of fallen leaves.
In Kyushu, an astonishingly beautiful autumn awaits.

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Featured autumn viewing spot

Kuju Mountains

Kuju Mountains


Trekking with extraordinary autumn colors

The majestic 1,700-meter high mountains including Nakadake, the highest in Kyushu main island, belong to Mt. Kuju Range and brilliantly color in vivid reds and yellows. ...

Lake Kinrin

Lake Kinrin


Inspiring scenery complete with vivid autumn foliage and mists on lakes

A well known tourist spot, Lake Kinrin is located in Yufuin, Oita prefecture - also famous for its hot springs. It is said that a scholar named this area long ago when he saw...




A spectacular canyon filled with gently colored autumn foliage

Takachiho Gorge is a famous sightseeing spot that features Manai Falls. It is a magical place that changes with the seasons. …

Mt. Unzen

Mt. Unzen


Autumn colors from the ropeway

It is said, at Unzen more than 120 kinds of plants change colors during autumn. Located east of the famous Unzen Onsen Town, or hot springs, the autumn features magnificent scenery stained in spectacular colors. …

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Historic Locations in Kyushu
Kyushu, a land of precious buildings and rich history.

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