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Seed Smiles in the Sky.

Airplane of Solaseed Air

We are a Kyushu-based airline delivering smiles to our customers.
Whether meeting someone for the first time or being happy to see someone again,
people naturally smile when they encounter and open up to each other.
We greet all our customers with warm, bright and friendly smiles.
From Kyushu to the rest of Japan, and then to the world,
we will keep providing “Smile Seeds” to make smiles bloom on as many faces as possible.
That is our promise to you.

 Flying routes of Solaseed Air  Flying routes of Solaseed Air
Flight Attendant of Solaseed Air

The “8 Smiles”
Offered by Solaseed Air

We serve Haneda Airport, the largest hub for domestic flights in Japan.
You can connect to international flights or access downtown Tokyo in just 40 minutes. Solaseed Air flights depart from and arrive at Haneda Airport Terminal 2.
Free beverages on board.
To make your flight even more enjoyable, we offer blankets and pillows, as well as picture books and origami paper for children.
Average seat pitch = 81 cm.
The seats on our aircraft have more pitch, which means more legroom.
Free checked baggage.
Baggage can be checked in for free if it is 20 kg or less and has total linear dimensions (length + width + height) of 203 cm or less.
No reservation, advance seat selection, or payment handling fees.
There are no handling fees for services provided online, by telephone, or at the airport counter.
Refunds are given upon customer request.
Refund requests are accepted even when you do not board your reserved flight for personal reasons.
* Cancellation and refund handling charges will apply.
Same-day reservations and ticket purchasing available.
Reservation, ticket purchase, and check-in procedures can be processed up to 20 minutes before the departure time.
* Limited to fares which allow same-day reservations and ticket purchasing.
Frequent flyer program available.
Join the Solaseed Smile Club to earn miles according to your fare and flight distance. Miles can be redeemed for flight awards.

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