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Security Codes

Inputting a security code makes the process convenient and effortless!

If you input a security code, then you don't have to show your credit card during boarding!


A security code is needed to authenticate credit card payments made on the Solaseed Air website.
This improves the safety of using a credit card and eliminates the need to bring along your credit card during the boarding procedure.

Authentication Using a Security Code

Security codes are three-digit or four-digit numbers printed separately from the credit card number, and not printed on the credit card usage statement. Because the security code is known only to the person in possession of the card, it provides greater security when making purchases online.

Locations Where the Security Code Is Shown

The last three digits printed on the credit card's signature box is the security code.
Some credit card companies might print a four-digit security code on the front of the card.

How to Use Them

During purchase: Please input the security code when you pay by credit card on the Solaseed Air website or through the Reservation Center.You will be shown a confirmation number and reservation number. Please make a copy of them.Paying for someone else (if the credit card holder and passenger are different individuals): Please provide the individual who will be boarding with the confirmation number and reservation number.During boarding: The individual who will be boarding should enter the reservation number and confirmation number on the automatic check-in machine at the airport to carry out the boarding procedure.
  • * Please use ANA's automatic check-in machines.

Confirmation Numbers

  • * The confirmation number is used as an authentication code for reservation changes, ticket receipt, and refunds, so please do not lose this number.
  • * If you forget your confirmation number, we cannot provide it even if you contact us.
  • * Please note that when you reserve online, the confirmation number is only shown on the confirmation number check screen.
    Be sure to make a copy of the reservation number and confirmation number.


  • Security code authentication is required for online payment.
    A security code is not a PIN.
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