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Payment by Credit Card


Credit card payments can be made through the Solaseed Air website and the Reservation and Information Center.
The payment will be withdrawn from the customer account on the date specified by the company of the credit card used.
Credit card payments must be lump-sum payments. You cannot pay in installments.
If you pay by credit card, the date of issuance for the airplane ticket will be the "credit card settlement date." Additionally, security code authentication will be required when you pay.

Credit Cards We Accept

Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, American Express
We accept credit cards with the following logos.

Payment by Credit Card


  • The boarding procedure will require either a credit card in the name of the passenger (the credit card used for payment), or the reservation number and confirmation number.
  • If a credit card belonging to some other than the passenger is used for payment, then you must provide the passenger with the reservation number and confirmation number. Enter the reservation number and confirmation number on the automatic check-in machine to carry out the boarding procedure. (This does not apply to some fares.)
  • Credit cards can be used from the day sales begin for the first route until the boarding date. When using a credit card on the boarding date, please ensure you have sufficient time prior to the departure time. For fares that have a ticket purchase deadline, credit cards can be used until the deadline. Credit card settlement will begin when the credit card is used, and the cost of the ticket will be withdrawn from the payer's credit card account on a specified date.
  • No processing fee, registration fee, or any other fees besides the ticket cost (the total price of the fare being used) will be charged when paying with a credit card.
  • If the credit card you enter is declined by the credit card company for any reason, you will need to use a different credit card.
  • Please do not enter fraudulent information when using a credit card. If any damages are incurred, we may seek compensation.
  • A predetermined cancellation fee is charged in order to cancel after payment has been made. We will also charge JPY 440 per ticket that is refunded.
  • Be sure to check the fare information to see the usage requirements for the fare you are using.
  • We ensure the safety of online credit card settlement using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for security.
  • The receipt of payment will be issued during the boarding procedure.
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