Reservations / Purchases

Convenience Store / ATM Payment


You can pay in advance at a convenience store or with a Pay-easy compatible ATM and then carry out the boarding procedure using an automatic check-in machine on the boarding date.

Payment Deadline Up to 20 minutes prior to boarding time on the boarding date. (If you are paying at 7-Eleven, you must pay by the previous day.)
Depending on the fare type, you must pay by either the purchase deadline or the payment deadline, whichever is sooner.
Making Changes After Payment Changes can be made by the Reservation and Information Center. Refunds will be made to the account specified. (Processing fees for paying refunds through bank transfer will be charged to the customer.)
We will charge a refund handling fee (JPY 440 per ticket) and predetermined cancellation fee.
Payment Methods Cash You can pay in cash at a convenience store or using a Pay-easy compatible ATM.
Cash Card You can pay with a cash card using a Pay-easy compatible ATM.
Credit Card You cannot use a credit card.
  • * To pay by credit card, you must choose the credit card payment option.
  • * You cannot use an ATM installed at a convenience store for the payment.
  • * Use the receipt and usage statement issued during payment as your receipt of payment.

Usage Instructions

1. Make a reservation on the Solaseed Air website or through the Reservation and Information Center.

2. Carry out the In-store procedure.

3. Carry out the boarding procedure at the airport on the boarding date.

Enter the reservation number and confirmation number on the automatic check-in machine to carry out the boarding procedure.

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