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Haneda Airport Counter Location

Haneda Airport Counter Location

*To check in your luggage, please use a self-service baggage drop machine (⑤・⑦).

*At Haneda Airport, Checkpoint A is the closest.

To customers who are meeting arriving passengers

The first floor is the arrivals floor. When meeting arriving passengers, please wait at the first-floor Passenger Terminal 2 arrivals lobby.

Information on the satellite (annex) of Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal for domestic flights

Passengers departing from boarding gate 46 to 48 of Haneda Airport shall use the satellite (annex). To get to the satellite (annex), passengers need to take a bus for satellite. Please travel with time to spare.

Buses to the satellite (annex) run approx every 5 minutes. And, it takes approx 10 minutes from Terminal 2 to the satellite (annex) including waiting time at the bus stop. Pass through the nearest security checkpoint A at least 20 minutes prior to departure time, take a special bus from the "bus stop for satellite" in the bus lounge, and go to the boarding gate at least 10 minutes prior to departure time.

  • *Boarding gate may change depending on the flight conditions. On the boarding date, check the latest flight conditions or the flight information display. For flight conditions
  • *Passengers other than those departing from boarding gate 46-48 cannot use the satellite (annex).
satellite (annex) map
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