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Children Traveling Alone (Solaseed Kids)

Solaseed Air provides travel assistance for customers 6 and 7 years of age (up to 11 by request) who are not accompanied by anyone age 12 or older. Please contact the Reservation and Information Center and then inform the counter at the airport of departure.

* Please download the application form (consent form) ahead of time, fill out all required information, and bring it with you on the day of your flight.

  • If you make a reservation online, inform the Reservation and Information Center by phone afterward.
  • When making a reservation by phone, inform us that you will be using Solaseed Kids.
    • * Seat Availability/Reservation
      Once the airplane has arrived at its destination, Solaseed Kids passengers will disembark together with the cabin crew to be shown where to go after all other passengers have disembarked. Therefore, we recommend that you reserve seats toward the rear of the airplane.
Usage Conditions
Age Companion Using Solaseed Kids
Ages 3 to 5 Required You cannot use Solaseed Kids.
A companion who is at least 12 years of age is required.
Ages 6 to 7 Not required Solaseed Kids is mandatory.
Ages 8 to 11 Not required Solaseed Kids is available upon request.
  • * Solaseed Kids is only available if the customer is dropped off and picked up at the departure and arrival airports by a guardian.
  • * This service might not be available, depending on the flight status.
  • * Flights are expected to be congested during the summer holiday season, so please carry out this procedure early.

Some cell phones, depending on the model, may periodically turn on and transmit information, such as location information, automatically, even while turned off. Be sure to completely turn off the cell phone before boarding. For more details, please check with the cell phone company.

Solaseed Kids Straps
We offer a unique neck strap to make traveling alone fun! Take one home as a souvenir from your flight.

In order to identify lone child passengers, we ask children to wear a special Solaseed Air neck strap. After arriving at the destination, the neck strap is a present to the child as a souvenir of the flight!
The holder part can be replaced with whatever you want, so you can attach it to a child's cell phone for everyday use and make use of it in a variety of ways.

Airport Services

At the Departure Airport
  1. Carry out the procedure at the Solaseed Air airport counter about 30 minutes prior to departure time.
    (The application form / consent form must be signed.)
    Fill in all required sections and bring it with you on the day of the flight.
  2. You will be given a "transit certificate". The child should be accompanied by a guardian up to the boarding gate.
    (For security reasons, the child should be accompanied by one guardian up to the boarding gate.)
At the Destination Airport
  1. The child will be taken to the arrivals lobby by an attendant.
  2. When the guardian meets them to pick up the child, he or she will sign for the child.
    (The guardian picking up the child should wait in a predetermined meeting area.)
Assistance at the time of boarding is available as described below.
Solaseed Air Reservation and Information Center
When calling outside Japan: +81 (0)6-7637-8817
  • * 8:00-20:00, 365 days a year
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