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How to Get a 2D Barcode Using the Email Notification Service

An email with a URL for displaying the 2D barcode for an already purchased airplane ticket can be sent using our Email Notification Service.

* This functionality is not compatible with feature phones.

Information on how to obtain a 2D barcode from the Solaseed Air website can be found here.


Click 'Manage Reservations / Purchase / Seat Availability/Reservation' on the main page or the 'Reservation Search Here' button to proceed to the reservation search screen.
(Solaseed Smile Club members should proceed to the reservation list screen via 'Manage Reservations / Purchase / Seat Availability/Reservation' after logging in.)


On the reservation search screen, enter the boarding date, flight number, confirmation number or reservation number, and passenger name for the purchased airplane ticket, and then proceed to the reservation details screen.
(Solaseed Smile Club members can proceed to the reservation details screen by clicking 'Details' for the flight whose 2D barcode they wish to obtain from the reservation list screen.)


Click (or tap) 'e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt' displayed on the reservation detail screen.


Enter the confirmation number or the number of the credit card used for the purchase on the e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt number entry screen and click (or tap) 'Next'.

* If you have already logged in as a Solaseed Smile Club member, this screen will not be displayed.


The selection screen for how to obtain an e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will be displayed.
If you wish to have a URL for displaying a 2D barcode sent by email, enter your email address in the email address entry box in the passenger section under 'Send 2D barcode by email', and then click (or tap) 'Send'.
When the sending completed screen is displayed, check if the email has been sent to the email address you entered.


Click (or tap) the URL described as the "2D barcode display URL" in the body of the email that you received.
The e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt number entry screen will be displayed. Enter the confirmation number or the number of the credit card used for the purchase and click (or tap) 'Next'.


The e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt, which includes the 2D barcode, will be displayed.
Before boarding, print out this screen or use your smartphone's screenshot functionality to save it, and bring it to the airport on the day of the flight.

* If your reservation is for multiple passengers, please obtain 2D barcodes for everyone.

If you are using an iPhone 7/7 Plus or Apple Watch Series 2 on which Apple Pay has been set up and registered, the screen that shows the 2D barcode that is used at airport security and at the boarding gate might not display the barcode correctly, depending on your iOS settings.
Customers who use a compatible smartphone model should use the iPhone app Wallet (Passbook) or the customer copy of their e-Ticket with the 2D barcode printed out.

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