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Check-in Procedures

* Solaseed Air does not handle check-in procedures for customers connecting to/from international flights.
Customers must go to the check-in counter for their international flight to complete check-in procedures for themselves and their baggage.
For information about connection times, please contact the Solaseed Air Reservation and Information Center.

Boarding Procedure

*Please go through the procedures in advance depending on your boarding time so that the plane leaves on schedule.

Starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure  Online check-in


Access the Solaseed Air website with your digital device (e.g. PC, smartphone) to go through online check-in.Online check-in is available from 24 hours before the departure time.

  • *If you purchased your ticket at a special fare that requires age verification or the presentation of your personal identification document or have requested special assistant or the like, you may not be eligible to check in online. If any of these applies, you are required to check in at our airport counter on the day of your flight.
  • *To check in online, your reservation information (boarding date, flight number, passenger name) and confirmation number are required.
  • *Click here if you forgot your confirmation number.

Boarding pass (2D barcode)

Boarding pass (2D barcode) will be issued after completion of online check-in.

If using PC:
Print out the boarding pass (2D barcode) and bring it to the airport.

If using smartphone:
Save the screen display showing your boarding pass (2D barcode) or receive your boarding pass (2D barcode) emailed to you, and bring it to the airport.

To the airport of the departure place

Baggage check-in, passing through the security checkpoint at least 30 minutes prior to departure time.

Baggage check-in

Check in the baggage at the ANA baggage counter or self-service baggage drop machine (only at Haneda Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Naha Airport).

  • *Please note that the baggage cannot be checked at the Solaseed Air counter.
Self-service baggage drop machine

Self-service baggage drop machine

Available for the customers who completed the check-in procedures.
For the location of self-service baggage drop machines, please check the guide signs at Haneda Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Naha Airport.
*At the self-service baggage drop machine, you can check in the baggage within the size of 80 cm x 75 cm x 45 cm.
If you have the baggage exceeding the above size, items like the followings, fragile items, or the items with special shape, check in the baggage at the ANA baggage counter.
Example: Golf bag, ski/snowboard, surfboard, pet, baby stroller, umbrella (excluding the folding umbrella stored in the hand baggage), tripod stand, heavy hand baggage that exceeds the weight allowed for the free hand baggage.

Pass through the security checkpoint (at least 20 minutes prior to departure time)

Tap your boarding pass (2D barcode) on the airport device.

  • *At Haneda Airport, "Checkpoint A" is the closest.
Pass through the security checkpoint

go to the boarding gate at least 10 minutes prior to departure time

Tap your boarding pass (2D barcode) on the airport device.

  • *To register mileage on your Solaseed Smile Club account after your travel, you will need the information (boarding date, flight number, and seat number) written on the boarding pass (2D barcode). So, be sure to save the ticket.

Departure Time

Departure time is the time when the airplane
starts to move.

Request on boarding

If you fall into the categories below, please inform us when making reservation.

  • 1. Pregnant women (those expecting the delivery within 28 days)
  • 2. Fatally injured or very sick person
  • 3. Customer using Solaseed Kids
  • 4. Customer flying with children under the age of three
  • 5. Optically challenged customer
  • 6. Customer who is unable to walk alone
  • 7. Customer using a wheelchair
  • 8. Customer who desires a carry-on inhaler for medical oxygen tank

How to Check Your Authentication Code (Confirmation Numbers, etc.) Required for Check-in

Authentication code is either the confirmation number you receive after purchasing a flight ticket or the number of your credit card used to pay for your flight ticket.

  • *Presenting your authentication code is also necessary when you receive a refund on your flight ticket.

Customers who booked through the Solaseed Air website or Reservation and Information Center

Payment with credit card

Authentication code Confirmation number or the number of your credit card used for purchasing your ticket
Where to find your authentication code (confirmation number)
  • ●The customer's copy which appears only once on the screen after purchasing a ticket on the website
  • ●The online check-in notification email that Solaseed Air sends about 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time

Payment at convenience store or
using Pay-easy compatible ATM

Authentication code Confirmation number
Where to find your authentication code
  • ●Transaction Statement or Receipt (when paying at Lawson/Ministop/FamilyMart)
  • ●Internet Shopping Payment Receipt (when paying at Seven-Eleven)
  • ●Transaction Statement (when paying at Daily Yamazaki)
  • ●Confirmation number obtained from the Solaseed Air website when completing your reservation (when paying through Pay-easy)

Customers who booked at a travel agency (travel agency, ticket comparison website, etc.)

Authentication code Confirmation number
Where to find your authentication code
  • ●Document such as a confirmation slip delivered by the travel agency
  • ●Reservation confirmation email or the like sent by the travel agency
  • ●My Page or the like on the website of the travel agency
  • *If you booked at a travel agency, your credit card number is not deemed as an authentication code even if the payment was made with your credit card. Your confirmation number is required when checking in.

If You Forget to Bring Items Required for Check-in
(Confirmation Numbers, etc.)

  • ・If you forget to bring your confirmation number, credit card, etc., you will be asked to declare the reservation information of the person who is boarding and also present official identification documents(*) at the airport on the day of departure.
  • *Official identification documents
  • ・Driver's License ・Passport
  • ・Health Insurance Card
  • ・Resident's Card (within 6 months from the date of issue)
  • ・Citizen Card issued by ward, city, town or village
  • ・National Pension Handbook (National Pension Number Notification Card)
  • ・Physical Disability Certificate, War Injury Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Illness Certificate
  • ・Residence Card (with Photo), Certificate of Alien Registration
  • ・Basic Resident Register Card (with Photo)
  • ・Individual Number Card (My Number Card / with Photo)
  • ・Mariner's Pocket Ledger, Real Estate Transaction Specialist Certificate, Radio Operator Permit
  • ・Other licenses or certificates issued by public institutions
  • *If the ticket was purchased with a credit card, we may also contact the credit card company for verification.
  • ・If your identity cannot be verified, you will be asked to purchase a ticket for a fare that is available on the departure date.
  • *The originally purchased e-Ticket can be refunded within the applicable refund period. A refund handling fee (including any bank transfer fees for refunds to designated bank accounts) will apply.

Customers Connecting to Domestic Flights

Through check-in to the final destination is available to customers who are connecting onto ANA, Air Do (ADO), Oriental Air Bridge (ORC), or StarFlyer (SFJ) flights, as well as their baggage.*If you have a connecting flight with the JAL group, we only accept checked baggage. Please check your baggage at the ANA's bag drop counter as ANA self-service baggage drop machines cannot be used. Please be sure to check your baggage allowance on the JAL website as it varies depending on the aircraft type.
Please present your tickets to the final destination when checking in.
The required connection times for each airline's flights are shown in the table below.

Connection Haneda Airport Naha Airport Other airports
Solaseed Air ⇔ Solaseed Air At least 35 minutes At least 30 minutes At least 20 minutes
Solaseed Air ⇔ ANA
Solaseed Air ⇔ ADO -
Solaseed Air ⇔ SFJ At least 50 minutes -
Solaseed Air ⇔ ORC - -
Solaseed Air ⇔ JAL
(FDA / AMX JAL flights)
At least 50 minutes At least 30 minutes At least 30 minutes
  • Solaseed Air does not handle check-in procedures for customers connecting to/from flights that are not operated by ANA, Air Do, Oriental Air Bridge, or StarFlyer.
  • Please allow plenty of time to make your connection.
  • Solaseed Air is not responsible for any missed connections at connecting airports.
  • For information about connection times for airlines that are not listed above, please contact the Solaseed Air Reservation and Information Center.
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