Airport / Check-in

Check-in Procedures

* Solaseed Air does not handle check-in procedures for customers connecting to/from international flights.

Customers must go to the check-in counter for their international flight to complete check-in procedures for themselves and their baggage.
For information about connection times, please contact the Solaseed Air Reservation and Information Center.

Process until Flight Boarding

* To ensure on-time departures, please refer to the various time estimates and complete procedures as early as possible.

At Least 20 Minutes Before Departure Check-in

Check-in / Checking-in Baggage

Complete procedures at a self-service check-in machine.
Please have one of the following items ready: e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt,* reservation and confirmation number, or the credit card that was used for payment.

  • *Solaseed Air e-Tickets are called “SNA e-Tickets.”
  • *The e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt is issued by the travel agent or Solaseed Air airport counter at the time of purchase.
Self-service Check-in Machine
  • *Procedures for some fares may not be possible.
  • * The information that is printed on the boarding pass (departure date, flight number, seat number) is required for Solaseed Smile Club retroactive mileage registration, so please do not lose it. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

A boarding pass will be issued.
If you are checking in baggage, please bring this boarding pass to the baggage counter.

* The boarding pass is required until you go through the boarding gate. Please do not lose it.

Self-service baggage drop machine

ANA Baggage Drop (self-service baggage drop machine) is available at Haneda Airport, Fukuoka Airport and Naha Airport.
Please refer to the information from Haneda Airport, Fukuoka Airport or Naha Airport for more details.

Passing through the Security Checkpoint (At Least 20 Minutes Before Departure)

  • * Place your boarding pass on the scanner, then collect your security certificate.
    Please keep your security certificate until you arrive at your destination.
  • * At Haneda Airport, Security Checkpoint A is closest to our check-in counter.

At Least 10 Minutes before Departure Go to the boarding gate.

Place your boarding pass on the scanner, then collect your flight information slip.

Departure Time

The departure time is
the time when the aircraft
actually starts to move away from the gate.

SKiP Service

SKiP Service allows customers who have already completed reservation, purchase, and seat selection to “skip” those procedures at the airport and go directly to the security checkpoint. This section explains how SKiP Service works from reservation to boarding.
After completing the reservation, purchase, and seat selection procedures, you can check whether SKiP Service is available on the reservation details confirmation screen (both Solaseed Air homepage and Solaseed Air Mobile). A “SKiP” icon next to your seat number means SKiP Service is available.
(On Solaseed Air Mobile, a “♪” symbol will be next to the seat number.)
* SKiP Service is a registered trademark of ANA.

How to Use the SKiP Service

STEP 1: Arrive at the airport.

Each passenger should have their own 2D barcode ready.
* There may be cases when some aspects of the SKiP Service will not be available.
If you are checking in baggage, please go directly to the baggage counter.

STEP 2: Go through the security checkpoint.

Place your 2D barcode on the scanner, then collect your security certificate.
*Please keep your security certificate until you arrive at your destination.
Please go through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes before departure.

STEP 3: Board the flight.

Place your 2D barcode on the scanner at the boarding gate, then collect your boarding information slip.
Please go through the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure.

Notes When Boarding

We kindly ask the following customers to inform us when making reservations.

  • 1. Pregnant women (with due dates within 28 days of their travel date)
  • 2. Customers with serious illnesses/injuries
  • 3. Customers who are using the Solaseed Kids service
  • 4. Customers who are traveling with children less than 3 years of age
  • 5. Customers who have visual impairments
  • 6. Customers who require mobility assistance
  • 7. Customers who use wheelchairs
  • 8. Customers who wish to use medical oxygen cylinders on board

If You Forget to Bring Items Required for Check-in
(e-Ticket Confirmation Numbers, etc.)

  • If you forget to bring your e-Ticket confirmation number, credit card, etc., you will be asked to present official identification documents* at the airport on the day of departure. (Please bring the original documents.)
    Note: Defined as licenses or certificates which are issued by public authorities such as driver's licenses, passports, health insurance cards, and certificates of residence (issued within the past 6 months).
  • Check-in will be completed after we verify your identity with the documents.
  • We will ask you to provide the number that is printed on your identification document, or fill out the Ticket Handling Confirmation Form with the required information (name, contact details, etc.).
  • If the ticket was purchased with a credit card, we may also contact the credit card company for verification. If your identity cannot be verified, you will be asked to purchase a ticket for a fare that is available on the departure date.
  • The originally purchased e-Ticket can be refunded within the applicable refund period. A refund handling fee (including any bank transfer fees for refunds to designated bank accounts) will apply.

Customers Connecting to Domestic Flights

Through check-in to the final destination is available to customers who are connecting onto ANA, Air Do (ADO), Oriental Air Bridge (ORC), or StarFlyer (SFJ) flights, as well as their baggage.
Please present your tickets to the final destination when checking in.
The required connection times for each airline's flights are shown in the table below.

Connection Haneda Airport Naha Airport Other airports
Solaseed Air ⇔ Solaseed Air At least 35 minutes At least 30 minutes At least 20 minutes
Solaseed Air ⇔ ANA
Solaseed Air ⇔ ADO -
Solaseed Air ⇔ SFJ At least 50 minutes -
Solaseed Air ⇔ ORC - -
Solaseed Air ⇔ JAL
(FDA / AMX JAL flights)
At least 50 minutes At least 30 minutes At least 30 minutes
  • Solaseed Air does not handle check-in procedures for customers connecting to/from flights that are not operated by ANA, Air Do, Oriental Air Bridge, or StarFlyer.
  • Please allow plenty of time to make your connection.
  • Solaseed Air is not responsible for any missed connections at connecting airports.
  • For information about connection times for airlines that are not listed above, please contact the Solaseed Air Reservation and Information Center.
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