Airport / Check-in

Self-service Check-in Machines

Customers who have not completed reservation, payment, or seat selection procedures will need to do so at a self-service check-in machine.
After completing check-in procedures, please go through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes before departure.

(If you are checking in baggage, please go to the baggage counter.)

* You can use any ANA Self-service Check-in machine at the airport.

Change Reservations or Request Refunds for Delays and Cancellations

Main Functions

  1. Purchase Tickets
    (Credit Card Only)
  2. Check-in and Select Seats
    For Up to 6 Passengers
  3. Change Reservations
  4. Collect Receipts
  5. Collect Boarding Passes for Infants
  6. Change Seat Selection
    For Checked-in Passengers


Fares That Cannot be Processed or Purchased at Self-service Check-in Machines

Customers who are using the following fares must present identification documents to check-in, so please go to the check-in counter.

  • * If the fare was purchased after identification documents were presented at a travel agent or Solaseed Air sales office, then self-service check-in machines can be used to complete procedures.
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